Directions For Use:
Please pay special attention to cautions below.

All candlehouses come apart at the base for a candle or LED light.
If your house has a sealed chimney, then you can place 3-6 drops of scented oil into the reservoir to create a very nice burning effect and light scenting of your room.  There are also air holes at the top of the houses, should you decide to use them with incense cones as a European Smoker as well!


  • As with any candle please use the necessary precautions to keep you and your home safe while burning.
  • Use burning candles in an open area only.
  • Keep all burning candles out of reach of pets and children.
  • Do NOT burn more than one tea light candle in a house at one time.
  • Do NOT leave burning candles unattended, any candle made can become unstable.
  • Use ONLY TEA LIGHT candles in your house.
  • The houses do become HOT while being burned.  
  • Do NOT grab the house if it has been burning, instead allow it to cool before touching.
  • LED candle lights can be used in place of tea light candles for safer usage around children and pets.
  • For better airflow and lighting, remove the metal casing from one of your tea light candles.  It will slip out easily.   Turn the casing upside down as a prop inside of your candle house and place another tea light candle also in its metal casing on top of the over turned empty metal casing.
  • To be safe, burn your candle house on proper resting surfaces only.  A ceramic surface is best.